Panacea Compliance

ISBT 128
Blood Banking Standards

Panacea Provides

Unlimited Users
HIS Integration
24/7 Support
Unlimited Workstation
Analyser Integration
e-Training Solution
icon Panacea Modules

Designed to ease a memory intensive process.

  • icon Donor Selection
  • icon Donor Draw
  • icon Receiving
  • icon Serology
  • icon Component Management
  • icon Electronic-Unit Verification
  • icon Print Module
  • icon TTI Testing
  • icon Unit Issue
  • icon Setups
icon More Features

Designed to maximize your efficiency.

  • icon Quality Assurance
  • icon Bonding
  • icon Alerts and Notification
  • icon Inventory Management
  • icon OBOS
  • icon Order Management
  • icon Billing
  • icon Donor Registry

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