Transmision of QC results

  • User-friendly interfacing with analyzer/s, benefits in seamless transmissions of QC results.

Levey-jennings Graph plotting

  • Plots levey jenning chart Using statistical calculations of each control on transmission of qc results ensuring the reliability of testing process.

West Gard rule application

  • Analyze the levey jening graph and apply westgard rule to detect possible errors or deviations in laboratory testing.
  • Supports decision making process.

Multi-analyzer integration

  • Integrate all your analyzers QC on a single system, simplify data processing and interpretation.
  • Seamless transmission of QC Results from Analyzers to the system.


  • Real time access to quality control results.
  • View all your Quality Control activities in one place .


  • Stay at the head of curve and receive email notifications in case of any westgard rule violation.

Customizable Setups

  • Get a more personalized user experience with configurable setups.
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