ZUNBEEL - Revolutionize your WORKSPACE with the BEST Electronic Document Management System

Throw away your filing cabinet as we offer ZUNBEEL, a robust, cutting-edge Electronic Document Management System to help organize your Documents in a RELIABLE, SYSTEMATIC, and SECURE environment. It has the potential to enhance the efficiency of your organization by serving as a central electronic repository. It offers a comprehensive electronic document management strategy, which saves and handles your documents meticulously and offers enhanced security and reliability. With its sophisticated numbering procedure, you can easily track records of your saved documents, minimizing the risk of document loss or duplication. The versatility of this EDMS system offers flexibility and full customization according to organizational needs and demands. ZUNBEEL fosters a paperless environment and creates a stress-free & eco-friendly atmosphere.

What is Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) ?

EDMS refers to the electronic document management system, which is a software solution designed to store, organize, manage, and track documents and files within an organization. It is a staggering innovation, which reduces the usage of paper ensuring all documentation is stored electronically. This innovative document storage and retrieval system assist in reducing the hassle of handling and storing tangible documents and enhance work efficiency.

How does the Electronic Document Management System Works ?

EDMS offers versatility to any organization's workflow. It offers a layered, structured, and secure platform to meticulously define tasks. It provides simplicity in document handling by digitizing, organizing, and securing data. The benefits of this advanced document storage and retrieval system are encouraging many organizations to embrace this modern technology and leave their worries behind.


Centralized Documentation

    • Advanced centralized document management system allows you to handle all your documentation in one place.
    • Assign a logo to eac...
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Configurable Workflow

    • Tailor your workflow to fit your specific needs and streamline the document management process.
    • Can handle the entire document...
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    • Helps maintain a proper record of every user and enhances document security.
    • Implement e-signature functionality for each regi...
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User Management

    • Helps streamline the management of every user within the organization.
    • Generate multiple user IDs and maintain individual user...
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Keyword-Based Document Retrieval

    • Our robust Electronic Document Management System empowers users to enter keywords and leverage metadata for efficient search and...
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Dashboard and Email Notifications

    • Stay organized by conveniently viewing your assigned tasks through the intuitive ‘To Do’ list on the dashboard.
    • Authorized per...
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Upload Document

    • Easily upload documents and associate them with relevant departments,sections, or manuals for organized categorization.
    • Add ke...
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Revision History

    • Efficiently track and manage the revision history of your documents, including the ability to view previous versions and identif...
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Version Control

    • Automatically generate new versions of a document whenever changes are saved.
    • Eliminating the need for manual numbering proced...
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Advanced Retired Data Tracking

    • Easily locate your retired documents, user information who did it, and the reason for retirement.
    • Download the retired documen...
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Report Generation

    • Access comprehensive records of documents and manuals, providing an audit trail for review purposes.
    • View the activity log, ca...
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Quiz & Competency Assesment

    • Perform competency evaluations with ZUNBEEL easily. Make quizzes with answer keys.
    • Assess the competencies of your staff membe...
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of electronic document management system?

EDMS streamlines document management by eliminating paper, enhancing data storage, and ensuring data security.It improves document approval processes, enables version control, and boosts productivity through easy retrieval.

    What are the components of electronic document management system?

    Electronic Document Management System includes Following :
      • Document digitization
      • Document indexing
      • Document retrieval
      • Document Version Control
      • Document Security
      • Document Workflow Automation
      • Audit Trial
      • Scalability

      What file formats EDMS supports?

      EDMS offers versatility and supports various document file formats including PDF,DOC,DOCX,JPEG,JPG,XLS and XLSX.

        Who uses EDMS?

        Many organizations are embracing this modern technology and enjoying EDM`s advanced and robust system. To name a few:Healthcare, IT , Government agencies, the Taxation, industry, and Construction companies.

          What is the difference between EDMS and DMS?

          EDMS is the handling or management of documents in physical and electronic media.EDMS concentrates entirely on digitizing documents and entirely getting rid of physical documentation.

            What are the file sizes EDMS can support?

            EDMS allows file uploads with a maximum size limit of 100MB
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