What is ISBT 128?

ISBT 128 is the ICCBBA worldwide standard for the categorization, encoding, and labeling of medical products derived from human origin. This establishes a worldwide uniformity that aids in facilitating the seamless exchange, traceability, and transfer of blood, cells, tissues, and organs for transfusion or transplantation.

HEMA-CODE: ISBT 128 Blood Bag Barcode Labeling system

Zaavia Introduces Hema-Code: a user-friendly, standalone solution for seamless Blood labeling or tagging. It facilitates the configuration of the ICCBBA product description list, ensuring efficient Blood Product Management. Hema code is committed to accuracy and safety, benefiting donors and patients worldwide. It is an innovative solution and automation in blood banking world.

Significance of using ISBT 128


Accuracy & Reduction of Errors

Minimize potential human errors and promote positive identification through barcode scanning. So, eliminating transfusion-related errors.

Streamline Workflow

Scanning barcodes enables quick and efficient retrieval of information, expediting tasks such as inventory management, product distribution, and patient identification.

Tracking and Traceability

Blood labeling and tagging systems provide vigorous traceability by creating a digital trail of every transaction, from blood collection to transfusion.

Print standardized blood bank barcode labels with us

We are a licensed vendor for providing Blood Banking Management Information System . We are committed to provide Barcode Label Printing Solution to print a complete range of ISBT 128 Blood Banking Barcode labels including modified, divided, and pooled product labels in compliance with international standards.  This unique blood bank computing system enables accurate identification and tracking of blood products required for safe transfusions.

Label Printing With HEMA-CODE

Unique Donation Identification Number

  • Print a globally unique Donation Identification Number (DIN) essential for tracking each donation globally.

Full-Face Blood Bag label

  • Print a full-face blood bag label for a high degree of accuracy in safe blood transfusion practice, which consists of:
    • Unique Donation identification number
    • Facility Information
    • Blood Group( ABO/RH type)
    • Product description and Code with specifications about attributes, shelf life and storage conditions.
    • Expiry (Auto-calculated from the date of Donation and product attributes)
    • Donor Red Cell Phenotype embedded in the Barcode.

Arrange Product/Cross Match label

  • Administering the right blood product to the right patient at the bedside, preventing potentially fatal transfusion errors.

ID label Printing

  • Generate a barcode label for any of your blood banking requirements through ID label Printing and improve your operational efficiency.

Print Records

  • The Donation Identification Number Label report and enrollment report offer a comprehensive record of printed DIN label and full-face blood bag label.
Blood Bag Label

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 128 mean?

Often known as ISBT 128, It refers to a specific blood product or component that ensures accurate tracking and traceability of blood products within the healthcare system. The format of the ISBT 128 product code typically includes letters and numbers to convey information about the product's type, characteristics, and source.

What are the advantages of the ISBT 128 barcode labeling system?

It offers several benefit such as:

  • Comprehensive Traceability of blood product from draw to transfusion which ensures transparency throughout.
  • Improves Operational efficiency which streamlines your operations with automated labeling processes. It reduces manual efforts and human labeling errors.
  • Ensures Safety and Accuracy in blood product labeling and preventing fatal transfusion errors.

How to find the facility ID number?

The facility ID number is Unique and is assigned to the particular organization after registration with ICCBBA. It gives your organization an identification globally. It's usually alpha-numeric and can be easily located at the start of the Donation Identification Number (DIN).

What is the implementation process like for integrating the ISBT 128 Blood Bag Barcode Labeling System?

It is an innovative standalone system. You just need to fulfill hardware installations i.e., PC scanners, printers placement and installation along with labels stock and your system is ready to run

Is technical support available in case of any issues or questions?

We have a dedicated team providing 24/7 support services to our valuable clients.

What kind of training and resources are available for our staff on software deployment?

On deployment of software, our training team will train your staff about each and every step to make the most of the system.
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